S. Mills

Being from San Francisco, I knew very little about St Pete or the housing market here, and I am a slow decision maker, but I had a short window of time to get a place under contract. Tara, and her very professional team, including Brittany, were extremely helpful from a long distance in quickly identifying properties that met my parameters, and she was super responsive and knowledgeable. Soon we had a contract on a condo/villa. BUT an issue came up with the condo association's insurance that no mortgage company could work with and I had 3 weeks before I had to move!! A bit of panic set in, but Tara and her whole team saved the day and helped me get a much better home under contract in literally days!! I was very impressed, relieved and thankful and I love my house. Thank you, Tara and Team.

Debbie P.

We had another realtor and then changed to Tara Kipp after 30 days. She priced our home right based on the recent sales. She was competent and responsive during the entire process. We quickly got an offer on our home and had back up offers. I would highly recommend her.

Melinda B

Tara stuck with us even when we had to back out at the last minute. She kept contact with us until she found us the perfect place. She also sold our home for more than we expected. Thank you Tara!


Are you looking for the best, then Tara Kipp @ Compass Reality will not disappoint you! We knew within a few minutes of meeting her that she should be the one to trust with our very unique home and property. She and her Team will deliver the best results for selling your home. We interviewed many different realtors during our selection process and now we know why she came out on top. The well explained approach and the strategies used to market our home were so different from everyone else. She promised more money and she delivered in a very big way. She brought us in more money than others were even willing to list it at. She always worked for our best interests and took away most of the stress of selling our home. You need to give her a chance to explain her way of marketing your home, you will not regret it.

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